Thursday, September 15, 2005


Boy do I love baseball! And writing about baseball!

It's probably because I was the first president to throw out the first pitch of the baseball season! Did you know that? I thought you might not!

Well, I'm off to go be the only president to also serve as a Supreme Court justice. See you!

Update!: This post was also written under the name "President William Howard Taft." Still funny, right?


christopher said...

I support you, William!

Alex said...

I swear to god, Geoff, if you aren't bringing in a sketch about Taft tonight...

christopher said...

Taft, Taft, Taft!

That's all anyone ever talks about.

Screw you all.

I'm bad at golf apparently.

Monica said...

unfortunately, geoff already wrote a Taft sketch back when we were in the skits-o-phrenics. i won't ruin the premise in the event that geoff wants to post it on "National Geoff Loves Taft Day" (today).