Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Corpse Bride


Under three circumstances is this movie not "fneh".

1) If the admittedly stunning animation carries you through the long pauses where no one says anything.

2) If you enjoy seeing a movie try to shoehorn its awkward title into dialogue as often as possible.

3) If you are the rest of my family.


Chris S. said...

Certainly no Ghostbusters 2.

Also fneh:

1. An infinite number of death puns -- although I liked the interpretation of "Second Hand Store."

2. The ending (which I won't give away). It was as if Burton just said, "Well, I just don't know what the frig to do with this character, so..." It does symbolically link back to the opening title sequence, but I thought in terms of character arc it made no sense.

3. The songs. For some reason it works with "The Lion King" and "Chicago," but every time I heard the music swell in "Corpse Bride," I got annoyed at the prospect of another uninspiring, unmemorable tune.

EW Grade: F-(neh)

Okay, more like C-(neh).

Anonymous said...

What's that in Star Trek (The Prime Directive?) where they don't want to be an overriding influence on a alien planets culture and history.

For some reason as a father I have adopted a similiar strategy. I like to think I'm able to stay out of the way of my offsprings natural evolution.

Thus after a movie I kind of withold my true opinions in the interest of letting them form their own.

Little did I know that it would come up and bite me in the ---. (Yes I do not want to influence them in the category of bad language either)

What a way for a father to find out that his son didn't really like Corpse Bride!

What's next Geoff? A tell all autobiography, Daddy Dearest.

Now I'm beginning to wonder if you really do love it when I comment on your cute little comedy group's blog.