Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Page Six Gossip!

Check it out, EL got name-checked on the New York Post's notorious Page Six:

Click it for a larger, more readable version...


Anonymous said...

My My MY!

And that's not all...over the past few weeks I've read these other little Sugar Babies of EL Gossip
(Various Papers):

"...and speaking of tasty treats, Anonymous spied Elephant Larry canoodling with Spiderman Lady Love Kirsten Dunst at Bungalow 8 for The Rock's 81st B-Day bash where a crying Tara Reid..."

"...Fickle who? And speaking of fickle - fess up Elephant Larry!Natalie Portman or The 3rd Floor?! Make a desicion and stick with it, would ya? We know Ms. Portman has been waiting for that Tiffany bling, but Anonymous reports that the keys to a new certain summer home (a gift from EL, once owned by Shari Lewis and Lambchop!) is currently being occupied by The 3rd Floor...or were they just checking out THE NURSERY? Shhhh!..."

"...And speaking of pancakes, which New York sketch comedy troupe was the "wok" of the town after helping a busy Chinese restaurant during a dinner rush last Thursday? Anonymous doesn't want to give the answer too easily, but here's a hint: It ain't the dishy-dishes of MEAT or the subjects of The Royal We...and they have an animal in their name...a name we won't FORGET!"

"...and as usual NYC's Elephant Larry was there to help get the party started till the breaka-breaka dawn. Hey! Save some for the ladies, Elephant Larry!"

Anonymous said...

Bold in Page Six?! Oh man, you've truely arrived! Congrats!