Thursday, September 01, 2005

Secret Bathroom Desires, Vol. 1

While taking a break from a furious make-out-I-mean-writing session with Jerf, I went into the bathroom for some hot, urinary action. Not important.

What is important: I was about to wash my hands when I looked up towards the wall and suddenly felt the strangest, most specific desire I think I’ve ever experienced.

Now hold those horses. It’s not sexual or fecal or anything.

Maybe it was the dim lighting. Or the scent. I don’t know. Whatever the specific array of environmental senses causing this certain jonesin’, I knew that right then, right there, I absolutely and completely wanted and needed to play Rygar.

Which is strange. I don’t even remember Rygar all that well. I did play it when I was younger. And I did, god help me, actually call the Nintendo Power Hotline for help with it. And also, I did briefly consider buying the new, fancy-schmancy version.

But it doesn't really matter. A moment later, the desire disappeared. It was like it had never even happened, and I was back to thinking about cookies or dinosaurs or whatever.

So yeah. No real point, I guess. It was probably just some 15 year old neurons giving one final spark before dying forever.

If you happen to be looking for something with both a point and more relevance, go ahead and click here.


Alex said...

Another fine post by The Touchdown Principle himself!

Stefan said...

Okay. So I may be the last to the party on this BUT -- did you know that the Nintendo Revolution will give you the ability to download any Nintendo game ever made for ANY NINTENDO SYSTEM. So, Chris, soon your Rygar wishes will be fulfilled...

Actually, for real, that's pretty awesome and a nice coup for Nintendo. Because what Nintendo's got going for it its awesome nostalgia factor -- and if they can make the Revolution into some sort of ipod style thing for gaming, then BAM. I think it's genius.

Nate said...

This is very cool, what you say about the Revolution. But nobody has answered me satsfactorily about whether this game availability will be universal. I'm thinking about the third-party games for all those systems. There will probably have to be a separate agreement with each third-party developer (the same way that no song ends up on the iTunes store without the permission of the label), some of which I'm sure don't exist as companies anymore. If you know something that I don't know about this, then let me know.

Alex said...

They have currently stated that EVERY game will be available. I think that includes everything.

(That said, I'm sure a few will be missing.)

Anonymous said...

My guess is that the third party developers making the original games for Nintendo never owned them at all and functioned as independent contractors. There was probably a clause in their contracts stating Nintendo was buying and therefore owned all the code and packaging artwork, etc. for each game.

Thus, Nintendo would already have the rights to all materials necessary to make every old game available with the Revolution. No need to worry about licensing any materials.

nate said...,39029706,40055184,00.htm

"We believe that there's a number of ways that we can use the system, such as to offer a bonus download with the purchase of a new game, or allow some games to be downloaded during a limited time during a campaign period." Iwata also repeated Nintendo's stated desire to have third-party developers get in on the game-download action. "We hope to establish a format where both Nintendo and [third-party] software makers will be able to make a profit by using the resources from our past."

Ok, I went looking around because I was so curious. This article is as of June, and has the President of Nintendo himself saying he's not sure how many third party developers are going to come along.

Unfortunately, this might get complicated with things like Mega Man, now that Capcom has their own "Classic Mega Man Collection" type things in circulation on other systems like the Sony. (Which Nintendo surely would not have allowed if they owned the rights to Mega Man.)

Keep in mind, of course, that I hope I'm wrong and you're right.

nate again said...

Hey, it's Nate again. That link didn't work right, so click my name to get to the article I was talking about.

Anonymous said...

Hello neeerds.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet THAT'S Dusty.