Thursday, September 01, 2005

September Rules

I would just like to submit that September is the best month by so much that anyone who disagrees is automatically incorrect. Here are the reasons:

1) My birthday is in September.
2) It's cooler temperature-wise (and awesome-wise) in September.
3) Labor Day is in September.
4) It comes after August and August sucks.

So hurry up and enjoy your Septembers before it turns all...shudder...Octobery.


Alex said...

Wrong. October is the best month. Why?

1) My birthday is in October.
2) It's even cooler temperature-wise (and awesome-wise) in October.
3) Halloween is in October.
4) It comes after September and September is almost a non-month.

Eat it, Geoff. My copy and pasting is far superior to your creativity.

Chris S. said...

Agreed, Alex. October is the best month. Why?

1) My birthday is in October.
2) The Yankees have done some of their best work in that month.
3) Seasons change. People change.
4) It comes after September, which is the title of an Earth, Wind and Fire song whose chorus begins with the cool yet incomprehensible, "Aww-ee-aww! Dee-duh-dee-September!"

Jeff said...

When I first read the title of that post, I was sure that you were about to inform us of the rules for September. Do you care to post them, or should I?

Anonymous said...

Rules of September:

1) 30 days has it and the first month mentioned in that very useful poem that ends so awkwardly.
2) It's when school starts even when school starts in August which is so wrong but understandable cause then the semester can be over before The Holidays. But it's still wrong lest you forget one of the rules of September.
3) Even though leaves don't change color in September they should because it's September and that's one of September's rules.
4) Buy new shoes.
5) Stop playing baseball.
6) Get out of the pool.
7) Turn on the TV. New shows. New season. Even when it's not cause the network executives are always trying to keep you guessing so you're always involved. I wish they were dead.
8) Try To Remember is also one of The Rules of September. Really! Try To Remember. TRY!
9) Go Hunting.
10) Stop that incessant barbequing. Be a vegetarian. Meat is bad. Barbequed meat is even worse, you idiot. Life isn't about everything tasting good all the time you spoiled lazy American. But I must admit the world would be a better place if Hot Dogs weren't bad for you. I love hot dogs.

Anonymous said...

I assumed that Geoff hated October because of all the playoff collapses the Yankees have endured over the past five years, including last year, when they had the Boston Red Sox down 3 games to nil, and were an inning away from dispatching them, but then they lost that game, and the next three in succession to those eventual-World-Champion Red Sox, from Boston.

Plus, he hates the 95 Theses that started the Protestant Reformation (posted Oct. 31). So, there's that, too.