Tuesday, September 20, 2005

...Then There Also Must Be Whale Cheese!

Hey, anybody here ever have Whale Milk? I mean, Whales are mammals, and nurse their young, so they have to have milk, right?

Actually, I know the answer to that one. According to the Official Whale Homepage:

The mother whale feeds her calf with milk. Whale milk is very rich and fatty. In fact, whale milk can contain up to 50% of fat. By comparison, whole cow milk has a fat content of about 3.25% and human milk roughly 4%.
So actually, the title of this post is pretty much correct: Whale Milk IS Whale Cheese.

And yes, I did read the canister of milk at the local coffee shop incorrectly this morning.

- My new favorite band, Nietzsche's Unicorn has a song called "Whale Milk."
- See if you can find the "Whale Milk Ice Cream" recipe at this great site, The Half-Bakery.


Anonymous said...

It's hard to imagine drinking whales milk....

Uh-oh! Me and my big mouth!

Lil' Kim said...
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Lil' Kim said...

They served us whale cheese omlettes in prison today! They were nasty!

*Sorry. I had to fix my grammar. LOL!*