Monday, September 19, 2005

Why Am I Still Awake?

After Saturday's BOOM show, and a boisterous, late night Aristocontest, here's what Elephant Larry did with their Sunday:

9:30am: Woke up to go meet some dogs near Battery Park.

10:30am: Haven't heard from dogs, so we hung out on a street corner.

11:15am: Dogs clearly aren't coming. Load fake dogs up and go uptown. Luckily, every train is running on a different track than its supposed to, so we take the 5 train (which runs on the East Side), up the 1 train track (which runs on the West Side).

12:00pm: Get Mexican brunch at La Palapa Rockola, one of my favorite places. Despite feeling very sketchy, order frozen margarita. We discuss whether dry humping would be better or worse if you had a sideways penis.

1:40pm: Go see "The Baxter," at the new IFC Center, which is the darkest movie theater I've ever been in. The movie was very funny and sweet, but we mostly agree it could have played its Game better.

3:30pm: Despite having agreed to throw ourselves a bowling/pizza party after the movie, we all split ways. Chris to sleep, Mary to sleep, Geoff to watch Yankees. Marni and I briefly meet Monica for a slice of Pizza at Joe's. I am already clearly eating way too much food, as I also had a buttered roll this morning.

4:00pm: Marni goes to sleep. I decide that the Medical Association that calls me every two days to give me a survey will finally be appeased. I feel proud that I'm making $20 for answering a phone survey, then sketchy when it turns out its mostly about alcohol, and I was already tipsy around Noon.

8:00pm: We meet at Acme Bar & Grill to continue to stuff our faces with fine Cajun food, as we are performing at that Hurricane benefit. Turns out, we're NOT performing at 10:00pm, we're in the 11:00pm slot. And they're running behind. Which was actually fine. We ate more food, chatted with friends, took in a bunch of great acts ("Sides," a play at 45 Bleecker, was particularly hilarious; and Fred Kahl from This or That swallowed some swords... It was awesome), and then did our set.

Midnight: On the way home, Mary, Marni and I continued our running joke about Mary being sucked into air vents and having marvelous adventures whenever we turn our backs. It makes a little more sense when you see Mary doing her "Being sucked into an air vent" impression, but it did lead to my favorite phrase of the night. We decided that whenever Marni and I turn back after she's been sucked through an air vent and returned, she should be very blase about it, and say something like, "Oh, yeah, I became Queen of the Fairies. Long story. Anywho, who's up for some funnel cake?"

And that was our day. Oh, I think I figured out why I'm up. It's because I did nothing but sleep and eat too much today. Hooray! Oink!