Monday, October 03, 2005

Another In An Increasing Number Of Yankee Posts

So after the Yankees clinched the division, I had to walk on up to the PIT, where we are still performing our long-running show BOOM on Saturdays at 8pm. Get tickets now!

Cough. Excuse me.

Anyway, I was running late so I threw on my Yankee hat and scooted out of my apartment without getting a celebratory dose of Yankee postgame. This left me itching for some Yankee contact, any amount of Yankee comfort to soothe my Yankee soul Yankee Yankee.

Just before I got to the subway station I saw a man also wearing a Yankee hat. I immediately decided "I am going to give this man a high-five. That will be fun." But I wanted the high-five to be a nice little surprise for him. I stoically stared straight ahead, not letting on to this man that he was going to get a high-five.

Then this man started acting strangely. He bent down low, and started wiggling his fingers out in front of him. It was quite odd, until I realized; this man was going to give ME a high-five.

We finally reached each other, high-fiving in the middle of the street. It was awesome.

Let's go Yankees!


Chris S. said...

And that man's name ... is Darryl Strawberry.

Also, your blog is my favorite Yankee. I will bookmark your Yankee and make sweet, sweet love to it. Yankee forever. LOL. ROTFL. AFLAC. I have a great Yankee blog that is full of Yankee ways to increase the size of your Yankee.

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