Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Apple Special Event

Today is the Apple "One More Thing..." special event, in which... something... is going to be announced.

Rumors have it that its just updated Powerbooks, and maybe an 80GB iPod. My gut tells me that you wouldn't advertise something this way just to slightly update your line of products. And now, pics have been released from the ads around the event, that sure look like some sort of widescreen iPod. Although the image may have been stretched. Who knows?

You will, when I continuously update this post throughout the afternoon.

Update, 12:26pm: Okay, according to Think Secret, which I won't even bother to link as its totally crashing, they are announcing an iPod with video capability, but it is NOT the video iPod. Huh?

Update, 12:32pm: Okay, I've been able to confirm that it means there will be content available for download, but not full movies. The BBC is going to make all of their content available, for example. So what this means is Video iPod, but not Movie iPod. And in 2006, there will be an Apple Movie Store. More soon, once the official announcment starts.

Update, 1:39pm: Here's what got out so far... New iMac with an iSight built in, smaller and thinner. Then everybodies wifi & cell phone coverage cut out. Either they've successfully blacked out an event for the first time ever, or they're all dead. Stay Tuned!

Update, 1:55pm: New iPod will have video capability, you can download music videos from iTunes for $1.99. The new iPods are thinner, lighter, come in white & black, and there's a new 80GB version. Also, iTunes 6.0 (5.0 came out like, last month).

Update, 1:57pm: Oh, also? You can download any Pixar movie for $1.99. WHAT???

Update, 2:02pm: ...and shows from ABC. Full episodes, too. Not as exciting as Pixar movies, but still pretty rock and roll.

Update, 2:12pm: Slightly less exciting; its Pixar short films, and commercial free episodes of Lost, Desperate Housewives, and some Disney Channel shows. Granted, this is just at launch...

Image via Mac Rumors.


baz said...

now you can watch "touchdown prinicpe" on your way to work! this truly is a watershed moment for elephant larry.