Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Colbert Report

Apologies for this post not being about Halloween...I think we're still allowed to do that.

I have watched the last three episodes of the Colbert Report, which has now had five episodes ever. So far it has undergone the standard arc for any political pundit parody show:

Third Episode Ever: Very shaky. Colbert seemed quite nervous, stumbling over words and jokes at a rapid pace. He seemed to waver between being himself and the caricature of himself he created on The Daily Show. Some funny touches, like the brilliant opening sequence. Not looking good overall though.

Fourth Episode Ever: Improved. Colbert still seems a bit nervous, but he executes the jokes in a workmanlike manner. Some good laughs...AND good points.

Fifth Episode Ever: Brilliant. Seems to have decided on the caricature character and it is the right decision. Horribly arrogant, as evidenced by the fact that the camera stays on him triumphantly preening while making his way over to another small set to conduct interviews. Lou Dobbs is his guest and it's a weird mix of true interview, making good points, being funny and pranking the guest. Closes show with zombie jokes.

At this rate, I expect The Colbert Report to continue on this path which would mean:

Sixth Episode Ever: Heyday. Colbert is in his prime, combining incredible political insight with devastatingly funny humor. Cover of Time Magazine or something.

Seventh Episode Ever: Drop-off. Still one of the better shows on television, but he kinda knows it too much. A little contrived.

Eighth Episode Ever: Decline. Totally flat. Parody of a parody of itself. Why won't they take Simpsons off the air?

So tune in quick folks. 'Tis the last week of The Colbert Report!