Thursday, October 27, 2005

Congratulations 2005 World Champion Chicago White Sox

It has been a very gratifying half-of-a-week rooting for you. Enjoy it Chicagoans! It's fun! Let's go Yankees next year though!

Links to happy people:
The Trib
South Side Sox
Nerds (like me)

Now to life without baseball for a while. I guess there's always football. Which is...good. I guess.

PS When was the last time the five of us posted consecutively? I'm going with never.


Pete said...

My dad actually cried last night. Not becuase the White Sox won, but becuase there will be no baseball for the next 6 months. I'm thinking about getting him an x-box so he can play MLB 2K5. that ganes rocks.

Anonymous said...

Is that the one with Manny on the cover?

Cause if so, it does indeed rule.

I just finished a season with the Mets on the Pro level. Pedro finished 31-1 and with 303 strike outs.

It might be time to try the All Star level.


mjs said...

wow - i thought you boys were boys at the bar the other night, but you boys are boys ALL THE TIME, huh?


Pete said...

That is the one with Manny and I also play a Mets team on the pro level. But you could probably kick my ass. I won the World Series, but only by a hair (and i was the wildcard).

I've done some drastic things too, I cut Beltran, Piazza and Matsui. I kept McEwing and added Ray Durham, Carl Crawford and Brandon Inge....

and I've totaly jacked your blog. Sorry Larry.

But to be fair, this isn't as bad a threadjack as that zombie comment a few posts down.....