Friday, October 28, 2005

Dinner Is Squeezed: A Clarification

On October 10, 2005, I had this to say about a certain commercial I'd seen many times on my television.

18 short days later, Dude #2 has a response, which you can read here. (He also subsequently DID comment on my post.)

I don't know if you'd quite call it a coincidence that Dude #2 (aka Mike) read my post, as this blog is the #3 hit on google for the phrase "Dinner Is Squeezed." But it is still, nevertheless, awesome.

As a result of this chain of events, I want to clarify some things about my post:

1) As an actor, I would have probably killed for this job, and if not killed, busted some kneecaps.

2) The performances by the actors were totally good. The dialogue is still the most insipid I've ever seen in a commercial.

3) "Dinner Is Squeezed" was apparently re-constituted from the original line "Dinner is served," which would have racheted up the cliche:line ratio in the commercial to a perfect 1:1. So thank you, Dude #2 (and friend) for bringing some invention and originality to the commercial.

4) Insipid was a dumb word to use.

I guess what I'm saying here is...I'm sorry, Dude #2.

Will you marry me?


Chris S. said...


Alex said...

This is hardly a picture of a cute baby animal. GEOFF.

Mike said...

1) I did have to kill, several people. I would do so again and recommend doing so to others.

2) That's very generous of you, and notice that nowhere in my reply or my on posting do I disagree. Keeping my own financial insterests in mind, please note that I also did not agree.

3) You are welcome.

4) According to, "insipid" means "Lacking flavor or zest; not tasty." I encourage you to stand by your initial instincts.

If you don't retract your apology I will lose all respect for you and devote large amounts of space on my blog to telling my readership of nine (9!) that your sketch comedy troupe is timid and tepid and most suited to an audience of easily offended pre-school children.

I am already married and do not live in Utah.

Geoffrey said...

All right, all right. I backpedaled a little too hard. I'm glad you recognize the insipidity of the commercial, by the way.

But Mike, wouldn't it be even MORE timid for me to retract my apology, just because you tell me to?

How about this. I retract my apology but I also challenge you to a fist fight? That way I salvage some masculinity at all.

First one to be punched loses!