Tuesday, October 11, 2005


I am about to attend the biggest, nastiest, most vindictive meeting of my professional career. I imagine it will also probably be the longest. Not to mention I am sick, sleep-deprived and depressed over the Yankees' loss.

Wish me luck!

Or rescue me!

Either one!

Actually, rescue me!


Chris S. said...

Let's go Yankees! In 2006!

(Hey, at least the Red Sox lost...)

Anonymous said...

You deserve it you Yankee fan fuck!


Chris S. said...

Dear non-Yankee fans,

Your favorite Major League Baseball teams have won no more than nine world championships. Stop blaming the Yankees and their 26 championship seasons for rocking the sport so hard since 1903.

Asking for it,
Chris S.

baz said...

i'm really very sorry, geoff. is there anything i can do for you?

Anonymous said...

A-Rod will never win a title...and i couldn't be happier.

seattle, WA

ps, and he's totally gay.
pps, so is jeter

Geoffrey said...

Baz's comment is awesome because:

1) It is completely sincere


2) It is the most deadpan sarcastic comment I've ever heard.

Well done, Baz.