Thursday, October 06, 2005

Things I Learned From Attending A Taping Of Conan O'Brien Last Night

-Conan is very funny.

-One of his writers, Brian McCann, is very funny. I'm sure the rest of his writers are very funny too, but they didn't warm up the crowd.

-Matthew McConaughey is a dreamboat.

-The Squid And The Whale looks good. The guy who plays the guy in it seems very nice, but kinda nervous.

-If you want to get picked to be on TV, sit one row further back and two seats to your left.

-Just because a guy has spiky hair doesn't mean he's going to be a terrible third guest comedian.

-You get free T-shirts for going to a taping of Conan!


Anonymous said...

Did you get tickets?

Geoffrey said...

Ooh. Nice call back.

Chris S. said...

I didn't get t-shirts! Meh.

By the way, good luck getting standby tickets for today's taping. I'm sure there will be many passive-aggressive line-cutting tactics employed today.

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