Monday, November 21, 2005


I've been watching Season One of 24 on TVD* the past week or so and I'm liking it bunches. The twists are compelling, if sometimes predictable, but I'll give them a break seeing as how I'm actively looking for and trying to predict twists.

The one deficit, and it's minor, is the dialogue. Usually it's pretty good, at least servicable. Then around episode four or so, you started hearing more and more lines like this:

"You're a loose cannon, Jack."
"Maybe you need to start playing by the rules, Jack."
"What are you doing hanging around Jack? He's a ticking time bomb."

It's like the writers started doubting Kiefer Sutherland's ability to play a no-holds-barred loose cannon rule-breakingly enough. Honestly, I get it. He doesn't play by the rules. OK.

Still a good show!

*television on DVD. I believe Elephant Larry made up this term. Am I right? I couldn't find it on page 1 of a google search for "TVD", so I'm assuming I am.


Jeff said...

Yes, it's true! I made it!

Sorry, I'm not generally the gloating type, but yeah, I create that amazingly brilliantly ingenious term.

It's incredible, stupendous, and horrifying intelligent, is it not?

It's also compelling, confounding, death-defying, incorrigible, green, self-perpetuating, and semipermeable.

Alex said...

That would be pretty amazing, Jeff, if I hadn't created it first. The exact chronology was:

- I started using the term, but didn't mention it to any of you guys.

- Someone (Jeff, presumably, although I thought it was Geoff), mentioned it in a meeting.

- I said, "Hey, I came up with that term."

- No one believed me.

- I killed everybody.

- Everything except the last two are true.

Geoffrey said...

Fight, fight, fight!

Chris S. said...

Blimey! Blimey! Blimey!

Alex said...

As Jeff has not responded, I have won the fight.


Jeff said...



you're wrong, i made it up.