Monday, November 14, 2005

An amazing honor

Apparently, Robert Patrick has the distinction of being the only actor killed on screen by all three of the Planet Hollywood founders: Bruce Willis (in Die Hard 2 (1990)), Sylvester Stallone (in Cop Land), and by Arnold Schwarzenegger (in Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)).

Hmmm.... He planned it, right? I think he planned it.

Thanks, IMDB.


Chris S. said...

In a related story, Planet Hollywood killed the careers of all three founders.

Thanks, overpriced cheeseburger.

Geoffrey said...

My goal is to be killed by all three of these men in real life. Which involves getting all of them really mad at me and in the same place as me when they reach "murderous" levels.

But I'm all about challenges.

Jeff said...

I'd much prefer being killed by these actors in this sequence: Bruce Willis (in North), Sylvester Stallone (in Oscar), Arnold Schwarzenegger (in Junior).

Chris S. said...

I think North Oscar Junior sang the theme from Ghostbusters.