Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Days Of Green

Here’s a skits-o-picture from Fall 1998. Can you spot all five members of Elephant Larry?

(The answer is “no.” I wasn’t in the group yet.)

Anyway, piggybacking off Geoff’s last post, the Skits have collected a slew of live video sketches from the past five years. (Scroll down a bit to catch a glimpse of some younger, only-slightly-more-awkward ELers.)

Some favorites:


Alphabet Congress



Anonymous said...

I was going to start mocking this picture before I realized that there are probably Shrimp pictures from the same era.


Colin said...

Yeah, love all the Skits shows on that page with "special guests" the Whistling Shrimp. Blow me, dude, you don't climb on a 777 and call it Geoff Haggerty with Special Guest Virgin Airlines.


Geoffrey said...

Umm...yes I do.

But point taken.

colin said...

Gotta say responding to my "blow me" comment with a "point taken" really sort of took the wind out of my sails.

Neal K said...

Yeah, that is a pretty jerky wording, but in my defense I (I think it was me) just copy-and-pasted all the text from an earlier webpage without actually reading it.

I don't know who actually wrote it?
Alex? Stefan? Brian?

There comes a time in every man's life when he has to stand up in the face of responsibility and pass the buck. Gentlement, it's your turn.

Alex said...

Webpage would be either me or Stefan, I think. I don't remember whether I did the website or not. But I'll take the fall for it. The Shrimp suck ass, anyway, am I right? Colin? Back me up on this.

Oh, and why hasn't anyone ever made a product called Gentlemints, the mint for Gentlemen?

christopher said...

It's probably because real gentlemen don't need mints to mask their breath.

They just gargle their cologne.

Neal K said...

Oh no!

Anonymous said...

Much more profitable would be Charmpitz, which are like larger disposable Listerine breath strips that smell like dryer sheets.