Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Good Night, And Good Luck.

Very good! Chris and I went to see this one yesterday, and we enjoyed it muchly.

Quick history lesson: this guy freaking sucked.

On the other hand, David Strathairn, the guy who played Edward R. Murrow, did an excellent job. If you're anything like me, you'll vaguely, vaguely recognize him as Pierce Patchett from "LA Confidential." Not that I would have remembered the character's name if I hadn't looked it up on imdb, mind you.

Chris points out that he went to clown college! All right!


mjs said...

woo hoo! i wonder which unit he was on...i need to do some research!


christopher said...

And we saw Saw II too!

Not really, but fun to write.

Neal K said...

Apparently Saw II dominated the box office because lots of teenagers and people were in the festive mood for Diwali

Chris S. said...

Marni: I believe he was in the JIH-juh-juh-JIH-juh-juh-G-UNIT!

Straithern's also awesome as the blind Erwin "Whistler" Emory in Sneakers, one of my favorite all-time flicks (although it doesn't hold a candle to Sneakers 2).

mjs said...

"sneakers" was the first movie i bought for myself on DVD, because i love it so much! (most people don't know that's the secret reason i adore my scrabble piece necklace)


Anonymous said...

Straithern is also in "eight men out" as an aging pitcher for the Black Sox who is troubled but noble but also aging but ultimately noble.

so to review:

1) what with the white sox just winning: topical!

2) "eight men out" came out in like 1988 and Straithern was already playing older guys so he doesn't age.


Chris S. said...

Marni's got TOO MANY SECRETS (en francais)!

Geoffrey said...

I don't remember the first movie I bought for myself on DVD.

But I DO remember the first CD I made my Dad buy for me: Whitesnake's Whitesnake


Neal K said...

Though my CD player came with Michael Jackson's Dangerous and Bryan Adams Cuts Like a Knife (Apparently that's what my Mom thought the kids were listening to those days) the first CD I bought myself was Kriss Kross's Totally Krossed Out . Because:

a) It was Totally Awesome
b) It was,well, what the kids were listening to those days
c) Their Sprite commercial made me want to dance in ways my young legs had never known before.

Allen Strickland Williams said...

The first DVD I ever bought for myself was Dune.

What can I say? I was a nerd in junior high with bad taste.

K said...

A) I saw David Straithairn in Grand Central about 2 years ago sleeping one off in the sitting area and looking particularly terrible in general. It was kind of weird. Huge backpack. Looked like a Vietnam vet in need of a wheelchair.

B) Not that anyone cares, but because it's SO amazing on so many levels:

My first musical purchase was a TAPE of the SINGLE "I Wanna Sex You Up" by Color Me Badd which my dad insisted on playing on the way home once he caught wind of it, after which he promptly tossed it out the window of our moving car.

Jeff said...

Tapes of singles are called cassingles. Sorry, not trying to be a jerk, but I'm pretty sure it's mandatory that everyone call them cassingles.

Alex said...

Just like DVDs of TV Shows are called TVDs.

mjs said...

the first music i bought for myself was the vinyl single (vingle?) of belinda carlisle's "circle in the sand". i cannot remember what was on the B side. i swear this is true.


Chris S. said...

First CDs given to me: Fine Young Cannibals' "The Raw and the Cooked" and Billy Joel's "Storm Front."

First audio cassette purchased with my own money: Soundtrack to (yes, Geoff) "Ghostbusters 2."

First CD purchased with my own money: Information Society's "Information Society."

First DVD purchase: "Ghostbusters"

First anniversary of Elephant Larry's Group Blog: Priceless.

mary said...

my first music: DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince "He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper", closely followed by Twisted Sister's "Stay Hungry". i can still do the whole rap of "craig mack:1st out the limo", and i still scream the correct answer to the father in Twister Sister - what are you gonna do with your life?!?!?


K said...

Cassingles? Really?

Wow. I'm a real cassimpleton.

Thanks Jeff and Wikipedia.