Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Who else thinks it's unfair that www.peanutbutterandjelly.com is not the home of a PBJ-themed site?

'Cause I really think it's fricking unfair.


Jeff said...

In fact, the only good thing about that so-called "PBJ" site is this.

At least that one good thing is great.

Jeff said...

Also, I'd like to point out that, on a similar search, www.peanutbutterjelly.com turned out to be a site claiming to be "The Leading Peanut Butter Site on the Net." It should be noted that this 'site' has a header image which consists of several food images, NONE of them containing peanut butter, with the possible exception of one shot of a cookie that may have peanut butter in it. Even more offensive is that there are several sandwiches in this photo montage, and that of 3 sandwiches, they couldn't have the decency to include a PBJ or any peanut-butter-containing sandwich. These are not even crappy clip-art pictures, but a nice set of sandwich shots showing three very different types of sandwiches! They have even show 3 different types of bread: baguette, whole wheat, and even croissant. They have a fricking croissandwich and they don't have even have a fracking peanut butter sandwich and they call themselves peanutbutterjelly.com?? They should have just stuck us with the damn iDog (no offense, iDog). Also, what the hell are the doughnuts there for? That's just insulting to peanut butter.

Jeff said...

Sorry. It's late and I couldn't sleep 'cause I was hungry and I wanted a peanut butter sandwich really bad. That's how this whole thing started. Can't wait to read this in the morning and see if it made any sense.

Also, I'm sure that it's probably against some blogging code of ethics (blogthics? blogics? blogiquette? etiblog?) to comment on your own post 3 times. Sorry. Chalk it up to peanut butter hunger. Time to go and quench that.

Chris S. said...

Can one "quench" anything with peanut butter? That image reminds me of the SNL commercial parody of Gatorade with athletes are chugging Cookie Dough Sport. Refreshing!

In a vain search for a better picture or movie of said parody, I did find this awesome rundown of SNL commercial parodies on Wikipedia. Via Google, no less. How EL of me!

Also, Jerf writes extremely funny blogposts even when they're not Boom promos.