Friday, November 18, 2005

Harry Potter and the Graphic Sex Scenes

From today's AM New York:

On The Romance Scenes:
Daniel Radcliffe: That was really awful for me - and that was great and fantastic. I don't know if Katie [Leung, who plays his love interest] had been in and said, "God, I hated doing the hugging scenes with Dan or something." But for me, it was great fun.
Ah, yes. That's why the movie is rated PG-13... For several scenes of intense hugging.

SPOILER: Harry faces off against his new nemesis, the Cuddlemonster!


mjs said...

i just want to let everyone know that i am wearing not one, but TWO griffindor shirts today. why?
- i am a huge geek and own two harry potter shirts
- it is kick-ass cold today and i needed to layer


Biz and/or Jordi said...

I think the Sorting Hat should put Daniel Radcliffe in "SEXY HOUSE".

(PS - I will remain here in
"JAIL HOUSE", where I'll continue counting off the days where I can one day get within 200 feet from Daniel again).

Stefan said...

Hermione & Gryffindor? More like "her moaning & sex indoors."


Nice to share a jail cell with you, Jordi.