Thursday, November 10, 2005

Very Specialized Website

But useful.


Neal K said...

Huh. Apparently all these years I've been tying a four-in-hand knot. I'd always vaguely thought it was half-windsorish, just because it seemed like a full windsor was reserved for people more important, successful and better smelling than me. Turns out I'm more of a Quarter-Windsor. Who knew?

Caspar Jsemer, that's who.

Tom said...

Honestly, I found that site while researching that very four-in-the-hand knot in preparation for tying my own tie at my own wedding. (Incedently, most rented strap on ties are a simulated four-in-the-hand knots). Turns out that I, too, have been using that knot under the misguided view that it was something like a half-widsor. How wrong I was, and how spooky are you, neal k?