Thursday, November 17, 2005


Today is a dark day in human history.

I went up to a Washington Mutual ATM just last week because it doesn't have a surcharge, and I like not paying money. Right before it dispensed my money there was a message that read:

"As of 11/17, a non-customer surcharge will be applied to all transactions!"

With the exclamation point, all excited like that. Rubbing it in.

With that extra dollar fifty per transaction, I'm going to have to officially declare bankruptcy. Mom! Dad! I'm comin' home!

Read about it here, you boring person who likes reading the business section of the newspaper.


christopher said...

Maybe Dusty can pull some strings???

CoryNealy said...

Yes, Dusty has some real weight around here...

Maybe you should switch to WaMu for all your banking needs?

Come to the dark side...