Friday, February 24, 2006


I was stopped on the street today by a construction worker. He told me I had to wait a couple of minutes before continuing because they were dynamiting beneath the street I was about to cross.


I think we should take a moment to recognize how awesome the word dynamite is.

Now let's take another moment to recognize how awesome dynamite itself is.

And one last moment to recognize how silly big black bombs are.

OK, moment's over. Thanks for your time.

PS: TNT is also really cool sounding, but its coolness quotient has been somewhat diluted by the fact that it knows drama.


Pete said...


Best use of a post script Ever. EVER.

Anonymous said...

so, to sum up: curvy bombs bad, sticks of explosive power, good. what would Herr Freud say?
P.S. he'd say you like dudes, is what.
P.P.S. toluene smells like old-school permanent markers.

Geoffrey said...

Good thing I don't believe in Freud.

And by that I mean I don't believe he existed.