Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Fun With Apples

Yes, it's that time again folks. What Geoff brings to the blog with sports posts, I do the same with Apple products.

Today there's a "fun products" announcement happening. I'll keep you updated.

[Rumors are full length movies and an iPod boom box. FYI.]

1:14pm: Intel Mac Mini. Thatsa fast-a computer. It'll look just the same, but essentially be set up to be a home entertainment computer, running Front Row (the application that let's you surf through movies, music, etc, easily), and in what I didn't realize was a new feature, share music across a network. Consider I'm doing that on the computer I'm typing on right now, I didn't think this was anything new, but hooray, right?

1:21pm: Okay, I get it now. They've introduced "Mac Central" into Front Row. Similarly to how Front Row doesn't do anything new, so much as repackage it for your digital hub, Mac Central is a repackaged way of sharing your music, photos, movies, etc. Hooray? <-- This is me sort of not caring.

1:27pm: Steve Jobs just compared Apple selling 1 billion songs on iTunes in two years to McDonalds selling 1 billion burgers in eight years. I know there's a really good joke there, I just can't find it.

1:31pm: New $99 leather iPod cases, with no screen or control access. Finally! A FUN product. I've always wanted to play with some tanned skin that makes my electronics less useful.

1:33pm: iPod Hi-Fi speakers in a boom box. I guess it's good to have nice quality speakers for the iPod, but who cares? I'm not having fun yet. Also, I'm really looking forward to scrawny hipsters like Stefan carrying their blasting iPod Boom Boxes everywhere.

1:40pm: Although... They are really trumpeting the sound quality, which they claim is excellent. I know a lot of music people (only Jeff Solomon. He's the only person I know), who won't buy an iPod because of the sound quality. So this seems to be targetting them, more than anyone else.

1:50pm: Um. That was it.

BORING. I hate Apple computers now.