Friday, February 24, 2006

Garfield - Dialogue = Hilarious

Probably the funniest thing I've seen recently:

Garfield comics strips with Garfield's dialogue removed, more at the linked forum (click on the pic). Not only are they more hilarious, Jon's life is AWFUL.


Murchie said...

Wow, how phoned-in is Garfield? About 6 stock positions for each character, always the same distance from the frame, standing on some undefined monochromatic plane.

Hell, you would have thought that some other snarky blog-type would have to come up with this, but Jim Davis did it himself.

And don't think he didn't personally approve it; there was a fascinating article a few weeks back about how incredibly explicit, calculating, and successful Garfield's creator was in his endeavor to create maximally merchandisable characters and turn that into a very carefully managed empire of kitsch.

I think it's that inherent lack of character that makes it so vulnerable to decontenting like this, and makes the results so Radioheady. I'm sure he's right now assaying the effectiveness of those strips as an ink-savings measure.

Murchie said...

Which reminds me, you're probably 8 days away from your first smeiautomated cease-and-desist. So enjoy that.