Tuesday, March 07, 2006

8th & Ocean

I would just like to say that I had no interest in seeing this show, until I watched a super long promo this morning.

Apparently, the show is one of those "reality soaps," ala Laguna Beach, about a group of models in Miami. Which is fine.

However, the point that sold me is that the show is really about an innocent farm girl who travels to Miami to try and make it as a model. As she gets deeper and deeper into the world of high-fashion modeling, will she be seduced by the glitz and glamour, forgetting her friends? Or will she be able to make it on her own terms?

My favorite type of movie, now in weekly show form? Yes, please.

8th & Ocean starts tonight at 10:30pm on MTV.

[Ed Note: I want to mention that I totally un-ironically want to see this show. In fact, this whole post is entirely un-ironic. I feel weird.]


Jack said...

Thank you for alerting me to this show, Alex. I mean that earnestly. I can't watch the promo on my computer, though. Please tell me one thing: Does this girl have a boyfriend back home and, if so, which episode does she call him and tearfully explain why she got drunk at a photo shoot and slept with two male models? Because that always happens.

Alex said...

Well, it definitely happened once.

Anyway, as far as I can tell, she starts dating the bad boy male model in the first episode, so no worries.

Jack said...

Yes! I'm having a party for next week's show.