Monday, March 06, 2006

Anatomy Of An Idiot

Step 1: Wear hat to Chicago.

Step 2: Lose hat in Chicago.

Step 3: Have very nice person send the hat to your home on Staten Island.

Step 4: Pick up hat.

Step 5: Immediately head to Boston after picking up hat.

Step 6: Lose hat in Boston.

Which major American city will Geoff forget his hat in next? Tune in to Elephant Larry's Group Blog to find out!

PS Since my hat has a big "SF" on the front, I tried to title this post something like "I Left My Hat In San Francisco" or "I Left My San Francisco Hat In Boston," but none of them were really clear or, more to the point, honest enough. That's what EL'sGB promises: honesty.


Ian said...

While leaving your hat in Boston is bad, it isnt nearly as bad as leaving the car in Albany. At least you're stupidity is lessening with each trip.

Caitlin said...


Geoffrey said...

Aw God. My brother's got mad jokes.

And mad ups, incidentally.

Also he's ugly.

Ian said...

Who's calling who ugly?!? You can ask just about anyone and they'd all say you're the ugly no one likes you

Caitlin said...