Friday, March 31, 2006

April Wisdom

I think we should use tomorrow as an opportunity to share our most unspeakable secrets, hopes, and fears with our friends, family, and anyone who will listen.

I’m talking big secrets. Like if you’re in the closet. Or if you killed a man. In your closet. Whatever!

This way, the secrets you were always hesitant to unleash will be cushioned by the light ‘n playful disbelief common to April 1st. For example:

Son: Dad?

Father: Yes, son?

Son: I know…

Father: What?

Son: I know how you stole that money.

Father: …what are you talking about?

Son: You know. From Grandma?

Father: But—

Son says nothing. Smiles and winks instead.

Father: Oh….uh. April Fools, right?

Son: ...

Father: Ha. Good one. Let’s play football now.

And in theory, the net world honesty would've just gone up a little. Have a sexy April, everyone.


baz said...

why does april have so many pockets?