Thursday, March 02, 2006

Battle Of The Mythical Old People

Who would win in a fight, Old Man Winter or Old Man River?

How about Mother Earth vs. Father Time?

Why do I always think of these things in terms of fights?

Why can't I think of it as "Who could build an orphanage the fastest, Old Man Winter or Old Man River?"

Or "Who would give more money to charity, Mother Earth or Father Time?"

Why do I hate?

Why can't I love?


jack's sense of humor said...

because nobody ever made really cool movies about guys who form a secret club that meets in basements and creates social anarchy by building orphanages. and making soap.


Chris S. said...

Was the Mother Earth and Father Time question inspired by the syrupy song from the "Charlotte's Web" movie, which HBO Family showed yesterday afternoon? (Not that I watched it or anything...)

Geoffrey said...

Ha! Not quite inspired by, but I can assure you, that song has been in my head since the post.

I must have watched that movie 10,000 times.

Allen Strickland Williams said...

lol what about between mother nature and mother lol