Thursday, March 23, 2006

Every Year Of College, I Had To Go To The Hospital Toward The Beginning Of The Year

Freshman Year: The day before I left for college, I helped my brother with his paper route in the driving rain. At one point I slipped and fell flat on my back, winding me. I coughed, as someone with the wind knocked out of them generally does. I didn't stop coughing for three weeks. The hospital said I had pneumonia.

Sophomore Year: The day after I arrived at college, I ran down the stairs to meet Mr. Principe and Mr. Solomon for lunch. Taking the steps four at a time, I turned my ankle and put all my weight behind it. After lunch, I limped to the hospital where they diagnosed me with a sprained ankle.

Junior Year: I itched all over all September. It was incredible. I nearly shouted out in the middle of my Statistics class, my back itched so bad. I went to a skin doctor over fall break. Diagnosis: dry skin. I've been on a strict regimen of Dove Soap ever since.

Senior Year: On Thanksgiving, I made a two-handed touch tackle by jamming my thumb against someone's back. Then I did it again later in the game. It hurt so bad that I didn't go the hospital for two months. Broken wrist. I wore the splint for about four days.