Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Just to continue my idiotic crazy baseball day:

About a month ago I made a bet with three people that the Devil Rays would be better than the Blue Jays. Never mind that the Blue Jays spent zillions of dollars on players this offseason. Never mind that the Devil Rays lost a Hall of Fame manager in Lou Piniella. Or the fact that the Devil Rays have been higher than last place only once in their history. I made my prediction, put up my $15 and I'm sticking to it.

That said, it's a crazy, stupid prediction.

Until ya see something like this. Makes ya feel all warm and fuzzy.*

Incidentally, the Blue Jays two major off-season acquisitions are named A.J. and B.J. How insane is that?!

*I don't condone rooting for injuries. But when a guy's been promised $55 million, it's tough to feel too bad for him.


pete said...

If ti makes you feel better I'll bet you that the Mets have a better record then the Yankees.

Geoffrey said...

Oh snap!

It's on!

I accept!

For fifty million dollars!

pete said...

Why not make it a gabillion?

Geoffrey said...

FIFTY gabillion!

pete said...

done. Start saving up.