Monday, March 27, 2006

I, Robot - Recorded!

Ah! Holy crap! It's new stuff!

I Robot, Recorded
- Listen Now
- Get it on iTunes

Okay, old stuff. That we repackaged in a new way. But still, you haven't heard the pristine recorded version of "I Robot" yet, have you? You have? How did you do that?

In other news, we were just added as a Featured Comedy Podcast on the iTunes store! Awesome!

But we're on the fifth page! UNACCEPTABLE!

Here's what we need you guys to do:

1) Subscribe to the podcast. If you don't know how, send us an e-mail, and I'll walk you through it.

2) Comment on the podcast. Same as above.

3) Tell your friends about the podcast, and make them do number one and number two.

And that, friends, is the first and last bathroom joke I will ever make.

Seriously, though. If I don't see us moving up to page four or something, you're just going to get a needy, begging post like this next week. Who wants that? Nobody.

Enjoy the retro-Will Smith goodness.


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