Tuesday, March 28, 2006

My Ceiling Is Falling Down

For the past two weeks, chunks of the ceiling in my bedroom have been falling down onto the ground. And if there's one place a ceiling doesn't belong, it's the ground.

As a result I have been sleeping in the living room, which suits me fine cuz I'm leaving this hell-hole of an apartment (kidding) at the end of April anyway. Also I'm a pretty laid-back guy. I guess. At the very least I'm laid-back when it comes to ceilings falling down, apparently.

Why do I bring this up though? Why is this worth noting? Because (FUN FACT ALERT!) this makes me the second Geoff (phonetically) in Elephant Larry whose ceiling has collapsed all up on-him in as many Olympic years.

Best of luck in 2008, Jeoph.


Anonymous said...

Better than your pants.