Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Looking Back

Now that it’s come and gone, I think we should all step back and take a moment to appreciate April 1st, 2006. Not only did this year’s April Fool’s fall on a Saturday, which is pretty much perfect for fouling up weekend plans…

Dudiac: You coming to my party?

Maniac: When is it?

Dudiac: This Saturday. April 1st.

Maniac: Oh yeah, sure. I’ll definitely be there. At your “party.” Ass.

…but it also came just before Daylight Savings Time.

Dudiac: Be sure and set those clocks back tomorrow!

Maniac: Why?

Dudiac: Daylight Savings, buddy.

Maniac: Fuck you.

Dudiac: I’m beginning to question the merits of this friendship.

Now I ain’t no calendar man, but I imagine these three paths don’t cross very often. And if there was one more in there? Well, it would’ve probably caused a minor societal downfall.


Anonymous said...

Interestingly though perhaps not significant enough to qualify as a "4th event" (except perhaps to Geoff), April 1st is also the birthday of the famous humanist Dr. Abraham Maslow. Had he still been alive this year (rather than dying rather inconsiderately in 1970) I bet he would have had loads of insightful comments on the convergence Chris it noting. Of course, since his death did not occur on April 1 we are left condemned to wonder if it had whether a "minor societal downfall" would have ensued.

Neal K said...

Also, my parents sold their business and the home I grew up in since I was 5 on April 1st.

Mike Babish said...

Well, I was born on April 1st, which always raises the possibility that someone won't believe me when I tell them it's my birthday.

Luckily, I seem to have mastered the Art of Sincerity pretty well, so it's rarely a problem.