Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Sexy Mistake...?

I'm temping this week as a receptionist. The person I'm filling in for is a middle-aged woman. I'm pretty sure I don't sound like a middle-aged woman on the phone. Then again...

A very confident man with a booming voice calls up the office this morning and this was our conversation:


Jeff: (name of company), good morning.

Man: HI!

Jeff: How can I direct your call?

Man: Can I speak to NORM PLEASE?

Jeff: Sure, who may I say is calling?

Man: You don't KNOW ME?!

Jeff: I'm just the tem--

Man: If I was sitting on your CHEST you'd know who this was!!!

Jeff: Um.


Is this an expression I'm not familar with? Or should I be trying to picture some enormous happy man sitting on a woman's chest? Ack.


christopher said...

Are you sure he said sitting?

Ted said...

Maybe it was this guy...

( on my name)