Monday, June 26, 2006

Not Okay

I don’t care how ironically cool it makes you feel. Wearing shirts like this one…

…and this one…


These symbols represent all that is evil and wrong with our world, and choosing to advertise them with your own body betrays all those sacred childhood ideals of what is right and good and true.

I’m not kidding, douchebags. Stop it.

And to whoever sat down to create this masterpiece, I would hunt you down and murder you. If it weren't so obviously succumbing to your twisted side of the universe.


Teddles said...

Evil Robots and snake-worshipping terrorist cults are all that is wrong in the world?

I thought it was just a lack of baked beans and the balls to still charge for them.


Anonymous said...

As much as Chris rules, I 100% disagree with this post. Circle gets the square.

dusty said...

i comPLETELY agree with chris on this one and think that "anonymous" is a shitface. any "remember what i liked when i was slightly less geeky than i am NOW?" shirts are gay. VERY gay.