Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Oh My Sweet God:

Spider-Man 3 Teaser

I guess you could wait to see it before Superman Returns.

OR, you could watch it five times now and then also before Superman Returns.

Your choice.


baz said...

you guys sure do like comic books.

christopher said...


Alex said...

I would just like to add that if you can wait to see it in theaters, please do.

Anyone who sees this in a crowded movie theater is going to lose their shit.

My hats off to the amazing geniuses that edited this thing... I'm still getting goosebumps just thinking about it.

CoryNealy said...

so sleepy...I went to the 10pm opening last night of "Superman Returns" at the Cinerama here in town. Sweet jumping jesus did I love that movie. And indeed the place did lose their shit when the "Spiderman 3" trailer played.

dahhh dah dah dah dahhhhh dah dah dahhhhhhhhh...DAH DAH DAHHHHHHHH!

baz said...

good movie. totally have a crush on brandon routh now.

i my opinion:

kate bosworth > kiersten dunst > katie holmes.


CoryNealy said...

Totally agree on the Brandon Routh mancrush. Very strong physical work, from facial expressions to his mannerisms...just dreamy.

I mean...yeah Kate Bosworth...whoohoo! Hot!

(oh brandon...how I dream of thee...)

Jordi said...

Okay - will SOMEONE agree with me that brunette Kate Bosworth in some shots looks a little like MEAT's Livia Scott?

Ted and I are going tonight - my Fan Boy showed me Spidey 3 last night and yes - goosebumps a plenty. Ted is no doubt foaming at the mouth with excitement right now. The night before 'Revenge of the Sith' he dubbed it "Star Wars Eve". This is exactly why I love him so and am one very lucky wife.

My crushes (menwise) are usually reserved for Ewan McGregor in 'Trainspotting'(at his most heroin-iest) and (these days) David Cross...but I will admit to a crush on Livia - (yeah, yeah and Kate Bosworth).

(PS - If you haven't seen "Blue Crush", that's become one of my favorite comfort movies of all time - ALL TIME!)

Alex said...

We're all going to see Superman tonight, so I'm sure more reactions then.

As for the Spider-Man trailer... Is it bad to say that I've already watched it 5 times?

Things that make me giddy beyond belief, that are, I think specific to me:

- I've had the scene of Spider-Man perched like a gargoyle as my desktop for the past few months. Seeing his head turn stupidly truned me to much.

- Anyone who has read the comic books will see at least one classic Spider-Man scene in the trailer that got me jazzed beyond belief, as it is one of the best scenes in comic book history.

Was anyone else filled with a crushing sadness upon realizing that it's almost ONE WHOLE YEAR until this movie comes out?

baz said...

you'd think the first-show superman crowd would have been fainting a la " a hard day's night" when the spiderman trailer came on, but the reaction was pretty muted.

i think it's because we went to a theatre we call "the ghettoplex" and there was lots of "oh no you didn't!"-ing during the film.

still, i think tom might have orgasmed when he saw the clip i alex is talking about.

have we ever seen kate bosworth and livia scott in the same place at the same time? scandal?

Ted said...

Jordi! Ixnay on the Arwarsay Evay!Liking the prequels is geeky even for geeks. And for the record, I HATE ep I.

And before you make fun of me too much, just know that Jordi cried...CRIED! when Anakin caught on fire next to the lava river.

Geek chicks are so hot. I highly suggest marrying one.

Stefan said...

I'm actively working on it.

Jordi the Big Crier said...

I also cried during 'Encino Man' while coming down off of acid.