Monday, June 26, 2006

"Outlandish!" Says New York Times

Check it out, Geoff was quoted in today's New York Times:

"As far as summer comedy, basically I think it's far more difficult," said Geoff Haggerty of the outlandish troupe Elephant Larry, which has been filling up the Pit in New York on Saturday nights and makes its New Jersey debut at the Goldhawk in Hoboken on July 23. "As comedians, you're typically performing indoors and thus competing with that dreaded phenomenon known as 'the outdoors.' It's tough to compete against warm, beautiful weather."
To be honest, Chris caught this.

Two other people in our comedy group are Jeff Solomon and Stefan Lawrence.


Anonymous said...

Leave it to the Times to use a 3-syllable adjective when 1 syllable ("gay") would do.

Perhaps this explains why Canada is such a "hotbed" for comedy (I know, I know--what about Carlos Mencia...)

Anonymous said...

"In a way, you don't take your place among the big boys until you've had Jerry Seinfeld," Mr. Lockwood said, alluding to the Elephant's recent on-stage scarfing-down of Fred Travelena.

brian said...

I would like a score update on "EL vs. weather" please.