Thursday, June 29, 2006


I just took a SCIP class. SCIP stands for "Strategies for Crisis Intervention and Prevention."

That means if you start acting up behaviorally, I can take you DOWN.

If you don't thrash so much.

And don't headbutt me.

And I can remember which hand my inside hand is.

If all those conditions hold, I can take you down.


Neal K said...

Could you take Justin Timberlake down?

Jamaican Goosedown Comforter said...

I'd just like to be a-seein you try to take me down, mon.

caitlin said...

yeah, headbutts are tough. Not as tough as when people BITE!!!

that's the trick to getting out of trained mental health professionals restraints: bite them. a ton.

just so you guys know to prevent geoffrey from taking you down.

Geoffrey said...

No, no, I have counter-bite measures too!

Press further up and into their mouth. This prevents tearing of the skin and creates space between the jaws to then pull your bitten area out. If that doesn't work, hold their nose.

I am bite-proof, baby.

Crazy Larry said...

No way you can take me down.

P.S. I believe we are related.