Thursday, June 29, 2006

Superman Returns

This one hurts.


Spider-Man 3 trailer? Amazing.


Alex said...


Not about the Spider-Man 3 Trailer.

I've been thinking about it all night, and I think:

- The movie was excellently directed.

- Kate Bosworth and Brandon Routh are fine, but bland.

- The movie was a solid B, B+. BUT, I think that's what the movie-makers were going for. I think they were aiming for a movie that wasn't topping everything that came before it. It was reminding you, "Hey, you remember Superman? You liked Superman. Well, here he is again."

- I'd also remind everybody that Superman is literally THE MOST BORING SUPERHERO EVER. Nothing can hurt him. He can never lose, and he's always perfectly good. Snore.

So for what it was, I was riveted almost the entire time, until it ran out of steam towards the end. Similar to X-2, I would also remind everybody...

Caitlin said...

Except X-Men 2 SUX!!! Through and through.

And this is spoken by a girl who cried a little inside when she first got her period NOT accompanied by any signs of mutating super powers.

Also- what's interesting about Superman is what he represents: America's view of itself through the years, dogg.

Also- does anyone else notice how the Spiderman producers totally have something against people with mental illness? Every single villian is afflicted with some sort of multiple personality disorder or hears "evil" voices or something. Just sayin' is all.

Anonymous said...

b-but...he used his "picking stuff up" powers like, 5 times? aren't you impressed by the magnitude of STUFF superman can PICK UP?

i smell sequel! superman teaches his SPOILER

child, (which, wtf?) how to help humanity by using his kryptonian "picking stuff up" power.


PS: on a serious sociological note, did you notice how they dropped "the american way" from the litany of things superman "fights for"? this post has too many "quotation marks"?

Geoffrey said...

By Caitlin's logic, America currently views itself as boring and overly long.

Oh! Take that everyone with whom I disagree with only slightly!

Joe R said...

It's a good movie. It has some problems, but the John Williams music from the old films overcomes them all.