Friday, June 23, 2006

Who Would Win In A Fight?

MySpace comments or Friendster testimonials?

Despite the fact that MySpace is clearly winning overall right now, I would go with the Friendster testimonial. It sets the tone for a nice long paragraph that actually describes the person in question and not an unintelligible "hI im isss u!!!1 weshouldhangoutlol".

Who would win in a fight, this post or things that matter?


mcgoey said...

that myspace comment system is just terrible. take it to email, you chumps!

Jordi said...

I agree! I hate getting:

"Hey girl! It was cool seeing you at the free clinic :):)!! I hope the next time we see each other, it won't be because we both seem to have crabs at the same time :( Love ya! Bye!!!"

I mean...tell me it was cool to see me at the free clinic when THE WORLD isn't there, you know?