Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Long Day

1 hour of commute.

3 hours of meetings.

1 hour of lunch.

1 hour of commute (in the middle of work? Yeah, I know).

2 more hours of meetings.

1 hour of commute.

1 glorious, shining hour of McDonald's.

3 hours of baseball.

2 hours of rain delay.

30 more minutes of baseball.

2 hours of getting back home.

What, like a coupla seconds of sympathy?


Nate said...

Sorry about all that baseball.

mcgoey said...

what is that, like 5 hours of work all told?

i keep meaning to ask how you like your high school summer internship, geoff ?

Geoffrey said...

But the meetings!

Meetings are hard!

They were so hard that I spent the entire time trying to list as many Yankees pitchers as I could think of since 1994!

I only got 47 starters and 47 relievers. I am embarassed at that type of output.