Friday, July 14, 2006

Onion Headline?

Or real life truth fact?

Incidentally, this is post #1994 on Elephant Larry's Group Blog, which was a very nice year for me. It was the year I became...a Yankee fan.

And got my braces.

Never mind, 1994 sucked.


Brace Face Barnes said...

*gasp* Geoff, we're Braces Pals For Life!

How long did you have yours? I had them for five years and they were the thick kind that covered the whole tooth, with grey plastic covering on both rows and two tiny rubber bands per side.

Maybe THAT'S why I'm not stuck up about being so goddamn fucking beautiful!

Geoffrey said...

Jordi! A fellow magnet-mouth!

I fortunately got off with a year and a half sentence. But I had the whole kit and kaboodle too...big thick braces, with rubber bands and cut up gums and blood. Oh the blood!

I wish braces made ME beautiful.

Brce Face Barnes said...

You make the WORLD beautiful!

And my teeth have moved a lot since they came off about 20 years ago.

The good news? I can chew through a tree!

marni said...

OMG, you guys! i had braces too! and at the same time, i had huge nerd glasses, and a back brace for my awesome scoliosis! i was POPULAR!