Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Question: What Is The Sound of 10 Million Teenage Girls Sadly Pulling Posters Off Their Bedroom Walls?


Good for him, though.


Jordi said...

I always wondered if it was pronounced "Base", "Bass" (like the fish) or "Gay"?

Good for Lance Gay!

Alex said...

Like the fish...

Remind Stefan and I to tell you our N'Sync story when we get to Portland! In two weeks!

Jordi said...

We'd better be ENCHANTED FORESTING and Marni better show up with some Clawball scarves knitted with her love!

(I'm giddy with can't wait-ness.)

marni said...

*sigh* i love you guys. stop making me feel bad that i cannot be there.
i will post you some knitted love, ok, jordi? because i miss you like crazy and cannot bear the thought of you shivering in the enchanted forest when i could've done something to stop it.

play a hearty round of clawball for me. or jesusball. at least if i'm not there, chris o'connor can't hit me in the face.