Thursday, July 06, 2006


I love when my phone incorrectly predicts the word I'm trying to type in my text messages. Top three of those:

3) Good/home. For some reason, T9 feels that you are less likely to use text messages as a way of conveying location or directions than as a way of blandly endorsing something.

2) Book/cool. Chris and I really enjoy this one. To the point where it has entered real life. He and I call things book. I think the fact that we do this is really book.

1) Freaking/freakhog. I tried to write the word "freaking" one day, which I've always felt is a funnier euphemism for the word it's replacing. T9 thinks freakhog is even funnier. I'd have to agree.


Chris S. said...

You know what's a home cool? That freakhog "The DaVinci Code!"

Jonathan Harford said...

This is ducking hilarious.

Allen Strickland Williams said...

I personally enjoy econ/damn.

christopher said...

The ones that always gets me are of over me and on over no.

Maybe the folks behind T9 are trying to promote an unselfish world where people don't say "no" to everything?

Anonymous said...

Freakhog is in the the Urban Dictionary!

Anonymous said...

When you type in the name "Brian," the cell phone says "Asian." My friend's name is now Asian.