Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Wordplay (But Mainly Daniel Okrent)

Great movie! 9/10 if not higher!

Among many interviewees in this movie was Daniel Okrent, who is now officially one of my favorite people ever thanks to:

-appearing repeatedly in Ken Burns's baseball documentary.
-indirectly contributing strongly to the Moneyball movement in baseball.
-being in this movie I just mentioned, which I really liked.
-coming up with one of my favorite quotes ever, called Okrent's Law: "The pursuit of balance can create imbalance because sometimes something is true".

PS Alex didn't like Wordplay, so he'll probably say something about how Wordplay ripped off Star Wars. Whereas I would say it "borrowed lovingly" from Star Wars.


Alex said...

Geoff, I think you accidentally wrote your rating of Wordplay upside down.

heh said...

Were there any interviews with David Cross, Christopher Cross, or Kriss Kross? That woulda been funny.

Jesse Thorn said...

He also co-invented Rotisserie Baseball, and thus fantasy sports in general.

Anonymous said...

This is a TOTAL RIP-OFF of Episode IV. I'm sure everyone who sees this movie will be instantly reminded of the scene in the Falcon when Ben is teaching Luke that by using the Force, you can fearlessly solve a crossword in ink. And then Luke asks what a five letter word for Sith Lord starting with "v" is and Han says "vagina" and everyone laughs and then politely points out how "vagina" is a six-letter word. C3P0 says however that it's five in the Clitoric System alphabets, and Ben recalls that yes, in fact there might in fact have been a "Darth Vagina" in the Pan-Mythic Ages.
Han is vindicated (and then blurts out the backwards-masked "Jar-Jar is alive", in the reissued versions). Then they try to make Luke walk the plank, but he whines his way out of it, so they open a hogshead of rum
and sail the MF through a lagoon full of asteroids, yada, yada--y'all know the rest...

Anonymous said...

anonymous -

Congratulations on Star Wars(/POTC) Parody #8,000,000! You've won a Spaceballs DVD and a one-way ticket out of Hacktown!

Anonymous said...

anonymous -

Congratulations on Game Show Parody #would-you-just-fucking-stop-it-already! You've won nothing!

Murchie said...

Hey everyone! Hacky joke framework called - and the call came from INSIDE THE POST.