Thursday, August 31, 2006

Diffusion, Information et Communication

I was thumbing through Variety just now, and found an announcement celebrating DiC Entertainment’s 25th Anniversary. Here’s their logo:

As a kid, I remember watching Inspector Gadget all the way to the end credits when the old DiC logo would come up, along with a little child-voice saying the company name aloud. And even though I must’ve been only five or six at the time, I remember thinking, Wow, what a horribly stupid name for a company. Especially one that makes CHILDREN’S CARTOONS.

Slightly related: I didn’t realize until just now that these guys were behind The Mysterious Cities of Gold, one of the best cartoons ever. The show is amazing for two reasons: a) the story was an awesome, serial, treasure-hunting adventure, and b) I have yet to meet another human being who ever watched a single episode.


baz said...

let me introduce myself. i have the opening credit sequence on my computer, and remember fondly the episode where they almost ran out of water because they invited a giant along on one of their treasure hunting adventures.

do do do do do... ah ah ahhhh. do do do do do do... cities of gold.

christopher said...

Baz!!!! I love you!

WordsSayNothing said...

I watched Cities of Gold. I can't really prove it, but I did.

Nate said...

Are you kidding? Spartakus and Cities of Gold were like one of my favorite hours of television when I was a youngun. I had the whole series in quicktime on some bootleg DVD-roms I bought on ebay, but I just kind of forgot about them for a while and didn't get very far into them... then my radiator leaked all over some of my possessions earlier this year, and they were destroyed before I got a chance to watch more than a couple of them.

You have sent me to torrentspy to find them anew.

Also, how awesome was Paul Tompkins tonight? Bamford too, but holy good god, Paul F. Tompkins.