Monday, August 07, 2006

Funny Internet Ha-Has

1. Get a Phone Call From Samuel L. Jackson

2. This video, just to give context, is real, and made this year:

3. This has nothing to do with the internet, but I want to go ahead an highly recommend BBC America's new fantastic series "Life on Mars." The concept is simple: By-the-books policeman from 2006 gets hit by a car, and ends up in 1973. Or, he may be in a coma. It doesn't try to twist and turn you with a radical invention of the formula. What it does is ground the concept, add in excellent production design and acting, and contains some of the most gripping, tense scenes I've ever seen on a television show.


Jonathan Harford said...

1. Your URL there is screwy. I already promoted SoaP via the phones of three different people.

3. Funny, I was just recommended Life On Mars by Brett Wean last week. I'll probably try and watch a little tonight. On the subject of British TV shows, have you given the IT Crowd a shot? So good!

Anonymous said...

i got the message from SLJ yesterday!!! it RULED....unless his movie, no doubt