Monday, August 07, 2006

Guy Gone Wild

Totally creepy LA Times profile of Joe Francis, "creator" of Girls Gone Wild.

Seriously, you may want to take a shower after reading this*.

*And make out with your girl friends in the shower, you nubile lesbian! Ha ha!**

**I creeped myself out.


christopher said...

At my old job, I once had the pleasure of overhearing an entire conference call with this guy. And yeah. Duder's a MAJOR douchewad.

Andrew Missel said...

That article is humming along, you're thinking "OK, this guy's a creep and and an ass, but pretty harmless," and then you get to the last third, and holy shit. I am totally going to return the 40-odd GGW videos I own.

Anonymous said...

The creepiest detail was the clean-up with the paper towel after he raped the 18 year-old.