Monday, August 28, 2006

Last Snakes On A Plane Related Post

In case you were wondering, avionics is a real thing.


Geoffrey said...

I'm gonna go ahead and continue to not buy it, if that's cool

Jordi said...

"An airman performs maintenance on the avionics of a B-1 Lancer"

Are you sure the airman isn't a caveman? Or Colin Farrell? Or Cave-Colin Farrell?

Murchie said...

My dad has been an avionics engineer for like the last 25 years.

Avionics paid for all the food that passed my lips and every scrap of clothing that touched my body as a child.

Speaking of! Alex, I had some of your family's peanut butter from Whole Foods. It's good and doesn't turn into some strange non-Newtonian fluid in the cupboard like too many other "unprocessed" kinds do. Also there's a fun little Zalben-signed epigram on the side.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of speaking of: Does this mean you've met J. Wellington Jif, or Dr. Herb Skippy, or are they as reclusive as I imagine?